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Why I’m in Love With My Haakaa

Nope, that’s not a typo. If you are pregnant, you may have heard of a haakaa breast pump. But then again, you may not have. I didn’t hear of them until about halfway through my pregnancy with my second child, as they are just starting to gain popularity.

Haakaa is the brand name of a handheld, silicone, manual breast pump. Here’s the link to find them on Amazon. I have no connection with the company or brand, I just really, really, REALLY love mine.

Most second-time (or more) moms that I have met instantly see why they would want one. So for all the first-time Mamas out there wondering how on earth this simple little piece of equipment can be such a game-changer, I have two words: Leaking. Milk.

When I had my first baby, I had no idea that forceful milk letdowns were a thing. My typical nursing session for the first several months included intense letdowns that squirted milk all over my baby’s face on the one side, and soaked through breast pads, nursing bras, and shirts on the other side.

Now, not everyone will have such a strong letdown, but many women experience engorgement and leaking milk when their milk first comes in. And what happens to all that perfectly wonderful milk? It soaks your pads and your clothes and gets thrown in the never-ending pile of laundry.

A Haakaa pump uses suction to attach to the side you are not nursing your baby on, and it puts just enough pressure on the breast to take advantage of your letdown and catch all that wonderful boobie nectar.

In the beginning days and weeks, it’s not uncommon to catch several ounces per nursing session, just by using the Haakaa on the side opposite of your baby. This is a wonderful way to jump-start your milk stash without having to add to your day with another pumping session. It can also help establish your supply by placing a slightly higher demand on your milk production. (Supply typically meets demand when it comes to your milk.)

Even if you plan to stay home and exclusively breastfeed, having a little backup milk in the freezer is never a bad idea. Whether for emergencies, date nights, or for use in toddler food, holding onto all those extra ounces is sure to come in handy.

If nothing else, at least it will cut down on your laundry.

If you are pregnant, throw one of these pumps onto your gift registry today! And if you are an experienced nursing Mama, make sure to share this post with your first-timer friends. (After you grab a Haakaa for yourself.)


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