15 Gender-Neutral Nature Names

Naming your kids feels like such an important job. These little people will be stuck with their names for their whole life! It’s a bit nerve-wracking, to be honest. When searching for names for our second child, I was really drawn to gender-neutral names.

When we decided on our son’s name, Aiden, it just happened to be one of the few boy names that we both liked. But after finding out it meant “little fire” we knew we would want our next child to have a name that had another elemental meaning.

I read through SO MANY nature and elemental name meaning lists, and I thought I would compile a few of my favorites here! I think all of these names could be used for boys or girls, even though a few tend to be more popular for one or the other.

  1. Aspen – The Aspen tree
  2. Atlas – To carry
  3. Dakota – Friendly companion
  4. Everest – Courageous like a boar
  5. Hazel – Hazel tree
  6. Kai – Sea
  7. Kodiak – An island
  8. Montana – From a hilly land
  9. Ocean – Sea titan (This wound up being our daughter’s middle name!)
  10. River – River stream
  11. Robin – Of shining fame
  12. Sage – Herb, wise person
  13. Skye – Sheltering
  14. Sunny – Sunny, joyful
  15. Wren – Ruler

I love hearing parents’ reasoning behind what they decide on for names, and it is such an honor to be there when their babies are called by name for the first time on the outside. It’s one of the moments in birth work that feels incredibly sacred to witness.

I would love to hear how you decided on your children’s names!

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