Birth Preparation

Staying Positive When Google is Scary

How many times have you Googled, “Is (insert weird thing happening to your body) a pregnancy symptom?” only to be directed to a Mommy Board full of women telling each other everything from, “That’s totally normal” to “I had that and almost died!”

I know with my first baby especially, I spent hours on Google and Mom Blogs searching for reassurance about each and every new twinge I felt. And of course we want all the information! Your body is doing a bunch of new things you have never felt before! It can be nerve wracking and strange and it is so easy to fall into the Google-worry-Google cycle.

I am all about information. My biggest passion as a doula is helping women learn about their bodies, what’s normal, and how to make decisions based on education and knowledge. What I’m not a fan of is how easy it is to spend your entire pregnancy nervous about this or that, when most of the time whatever you are worried about isn’t worth stressing yourself out over.

So how do we balance the need to be educated with the need to stay calm and positive during pregnancy?

It may be time to consider breaking up with Mommy Boards for a while. Having one or two go-to sources for reliable information during pregnancy is a great place to start. Better yet, spend some time learning about normal birth, instead of worrying about the abnormal

The more we understand about the changes our bodies go through while growing and birthing a baby, the less worrying those changes will seem. We’ll also be better equipped to recognize a true problem should it arise.

One of my favorite resources for reliable information that is presented without a fear bias is Evidence Based Birth. Also check out my post, One Doula’s Favorite Pregnancy Books, for some book recommendations!

It can be so tempting to worry during your pregnancy. With countless horror stories at our fingertips, it can be easy to forget that we also have access to many more positive stories.

As a doula, I highly encourage my clients to immerse themselves in positive stories of normal childbirth. Watch birth videos, read books, watch documentaries, or talk to friends who have a positive outlook on pregnancy and birth.

I’m not advocating being clueless about risks and concerning symptoms, by any means. But I do encourage women to consider putting on blinders when it comes to other people’s stories and opinions that are coming from a place of fear or misunderstanding about the reality of normal birth.

If you aren’t sure where to start in finding resources to help you stay positive while also being informed, I would love to chat! My Virtual Birth Planning is perfect for anyone wanting to get some help with planning an empowered, informed, positive pregnancy and birth experience.

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