All of my services are based in the belief that you are in charge of your own experience. I am here to offer information, guide you with questions that will help you define your ideal birth experience, and support you on your journey. You are powerful, and everything I do is focused on supporting you as you discover that power.

Birth Plan Mapping ($75): *I will be waiving the FULL FEE for this service for anyone planning their birth during the current pandemic.*

  • One 2 hour meeting (virtual or in-person) to help you compile a list of what is most important to you regarding your upcoming birth and postpartum experience.
  • Access to a PDF file of my extensive “How to Choose Your Care Provider” guide.
  • Customized resource list to help you learn what questions to ask as you plan for the birth you want, and how to find the answers to those questions.

Birth Consulting ($550):

  • Four 90 minute in-person or virtual visits to discuss the specific desires and questions you have regarding your birth.
  • Resources and guidance as you discover your options related to your birth experience:
    • Journal prompts to help you discover what you truly desire from your birth experience (not just what you don’t want.)
    • Resource suggestions for personal study.
    • Evidence-based information regarding prenatal testing and interventions that may be offered to you during pregnancy and labor.
    • Resources regarding alternative therapies (essential oils, chiropractic care, ect.) sometimes used by pregnant women.
    • Discussion of your specific birth and postpartum questions.
  • Access to me through Marco Polo (video messenger app) with responses posted within 48 hours.
  • Access to me by phone on an on-call basis starting at 38 weeks for any end-of-pregnancy or early-labor questions and support.
  • One 60 minute in-person or virtual visit within the first two weeks postpartum.
  • Local Parents have the option to add my on services as an in-person birth doula for an additional $450. This means I will be on call starting at 38 weeks to support you during your labor and birth, as well as an additional visit within the first 48 hours postpartum.

Full Service Birth Support ($1,500)

  • Four 90 minute, in-home (or your location of choice) prenatal meetings.
  • Two complimentary prenatal chiropractic adjustments from Vitality Health and Chiropractic (to be scheduled with their office at a mutually agreeable time.)
  • Resources and guidance as you discover your birth desires (see Birth Consulting above).
  • Your own copy of one of my favorite resources, Build Your Nest: Workbook for Postpartum Planning.
  • Access to my lending library of birth and parenting books.
  • Twenty-four hour on-call availability for your labor and delivery, beginning two weeks prior to your due date (all reasonable attempts will be made to attend your birth if it happens before 38 weeks.)
  • Continuous in-person support throughout your labor and up to 2 hours after delivery:
    • Assistance with mobility and positioning.
    • Non-medical comfort measures.
    • Guidance for your birth partner in how to best support you.
    • Explanations of procedures or interventions being offered.
    • Any specific emotional or physical support discussed in your prenatal visit.
  • Two 60 minute, in-home postpartum visits.
  • Postpartum care basket.
  • Back-up doula on-call in case of emergencies or if relief is needed for an extra long labor.

Additional Travel Fees for Birth Doula Services (one time payment):

30-40 miles outside of Rochester ($50)

40-50 miles outside of Rochester ($75)

Locations further than 50 miles will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.