Postpartum Information

Do Babies Need Baths Right Away?

It's been over twenty years since studies first started showing that bathing a baby right away had no benefits. Back in 2013, the World Health Organization recommended that baths be delayed by a minimum of six hours, with a preference of waiting at least 24 hours after delivery. There are many studies showing the benefits… Continue reading Do Babies Need Baths Right Away?


I Use Cloth Diapers…Sometimes

I am the first to admit, I used to think cloth diapers were gross. I said I would never use them. They seemed difficult and stinky and like way too much work. But then I got pregnant, and one day while I was down in the Pinterest rabbit-hole, I saw a blog that talked about… Continue reading I Use Cloth Diapers…Sometimes


Curiosity Over Criticism: Exploring Your Pregnant Body

Let me start by saying that I am not at all about telling you that you need to love being pregnant. I'm not the person to tell you that you need to just try harder to love your body and enjoy every moment of pregnancy because it's so wonderfully special and pregnancy should be a… Continue reading Curiosity Over Criticism: Exploring Your Pregnant Body

Postpartum Information

The Sleep Deprivation Made Me Do It

I recently shared with a new parent this memory from the early days nights with my first child: I was sitting in bed, nursing my baby in the middle of the night. I didn't understand why he was still crying if he was nursing...then I looked down and realized my arms were empty and my… Continue reading The Sleep Deprivation Made Me Do It

Birth Preparation

Baby Showers or Blessingways?

Most women are pretty familiar with the standard baby shower. Cupcakes, the clothes pin game, measuring mom's belly, gifts, ect. Baby showers are a wonderful way to come together and bless the expecting family with things they need, and show support for the pregnancy! I loved all of my baby showers, and so appreciate the… Continue reading Baby Showers or Blessingways?

Birth Facts

Why Delay? Cord Clamping, That Is

It has been pretty well known for several years that delayed cord clamping has many benefits for a newborn baby. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, World Health Organization, and The American College of Nurse-Midwives all agree that delaying clamping by at least 1-2 minutes after birth raises neonatal iron levels, which can provide cognitive… Continue reading Why Delay? Cord Clamping, That Is