Birth Preparation

One Doula’s Favorite Pregnancy Books

I love reading. Put me in a big bookstore with a good cup of coffee in my hand and I'll be happy forever. Even if you aren't a huge reader, pregnancy is an important time to learn all you can! Whether it be podcasts, conversations with your doula, audio books, or paper books, learn all… Continue reading One Doula’s Favorite Pregnancy Books

Birth Stories

What Made Me a Doula: Part Two

This is a birth story. But it's more than that. Read Part 1 to find out how the birth of my son led me to birth work! In October of 2018, we moved to a new apartment. I was 38 weeks pregnant, and planning a home birth. My doula, also a good friend, lived a… Continue reading What Made Me a Doula: Part Two

Birth Facts

5 Benefits of Staying Mobile During Labor

Often when we see mainstream images of women in labor, they are lying on their backs in bed. So when you start to feel the intensity of labor contractions, your first thought might be that you need to lie down. Or when you get to the hospital, they may ask you to lie down so… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Staying Mobile During Labor