“Bethany was so supportive during my labor and delivery. Even during the most difficult parts she made me feel confident that I could continue on and achieve a natural birth. She seemed to know exactly what I needed in each moment, whether it was a new position to try, pressure on my back, or a pep talk. My husband was thankful she gave him direction and purpose in the delivery room! I’m thankful for that too! She definitely worked with us as a team. Bethany was professional, but also made me feel comfortable and safe, like a close friend would. She is very knowledgeable and prepared us in the weeks leading up to labor in addition to advocating for me during labor. I am most thankful for her genuine desire to help and empower me as a woman!”

Miriam, First-time Mom


“My husband and I absolutely loved our birth experience with Bethany! But let’s back up. At first, my husband and I were unsure whether or not we wanted to have a Doula for our birth. After meeting with Bethany and hearing about the support system she would be providing us with, we finally jumped on board and said yes for having her as our Doula.

When meeting with Bethany, it became apparent how important your support system in labor is. Bethany provided my husband and I with education that was very helpful and used on our own accord prior to my labor. She brought with her a calm and peaceful presence that also translated into my labor experience. Bethany was always flexible for the prenatal visits which was extremely helpful for our busy schedules. She was readily available and responded back promptly when I asked her questions via phone and text.

Looking back on my labor experience (which by the way, I absolutely loved) I am so thankful I said Yes to having Bethany as our Doula. The support she provided for me and also my husband was incredible. She came prepared (I can see that now that I look back) and was ready to assist us in the ways we desired and needed. If I were to do this all over again, I would choose to have Bethany as our Doula again and again! We are so thankful for all the support Bethany provided us with before, during and after birth! It was truly a great experience to have Bethany as our Doula and the best decision I could make in regards to my support system in labor.”

Jamie, First-time Mom


“At 34 weeks my water broke unexpectedly. This led to an induction which was the last thing either my husband or I wanted or thought would ever happen. Amidst the uncertainty Bethany was our guide. She asked the questions we didn’t even know we should ask. She provided support and guidance for my husband and myself during a very long labor. At crucial moments she stepped in to ensure our desires were followed. Because of her amazing care I had the most natural birth I could given the circumstances. She stood by us, rallied us when the going got tough, and celebrated with us when our son was born. After the birth she cared for us by meeting with us and walking us through what to expect next. Bethany is knowledgeable and really hears what is being said. She was incredibly patient and non-judgmental. There are not words enough to say how grateful we are for Bethany. She is an amazing doula and we would highly recommend her.”

Megan, First-time Mom